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Recent content by Apfire27

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    iPad 12.9 mount for a mavic controller

    I am tirelessly searching for a mount for my mavic 2 pro controller. Everyone of the mounts I found fall short by an inch or so. Please help. My iPad is a 2018 12.9. The dimensions are as follows. 305.7 mm (12.04 in) (h) 220.6 mm (8.69 in) (w)
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    iPad Pro 2018 12.9 in mount

    Afternoon guys, Does anyone know if a iPad Pro 12.9 mount for a Mavic 2 pro controller? Many say they go up to a 12 in tablet yet the measurements do not coincide with that statement. 8.68 wide 12 in tall. I appreciate all the info you guys provide
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    3D mapping

    Thank you for the info!!!!
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    3D mapping

    Can anyone recommend a inexpensive 3D mapping app for my Mavic 2 pro?
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    2 pro settings

    Does anyone know it the pro has any zoom at all? I was told it has a 2x Zoom in my Mavic 2 pro.