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Recent content by BenM

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    Why is the COG (center of gravity) way off on the Mavic?!

    Without some context the diagram you've drawn is the center of thrust, not to be confused with the CG. The oscillating you get when descending at max -VS is the props passing through their own prop wash. Ben
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    Hello from Southern Alberta, Canada

    Thanks for the warm welcome. I'll post some photos/video once I get some more seat time with the Mavic. Ben
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    Hello from Southern Alberta, Canada

    Hello All, Purchased my Mavic Pro two weeks ago and I have 4 flights on it. I purchased the Mavic for the portability and great feature set. I'm not new to RC or UAVs -17 years in RC cars and 7 years in UAVs on the hobby side (ardupilot, and NAZE32). On the professional side I'm an engineer...