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Recent content by Betro57

  1. Betro57

    Case recommendations

    Could you send me info on where you purchased all your stuff thanks
  2. Betro57

    Just recieved FAA certification as commercial UAS pilot got Mavic and I've been loving it

    I would also like to know I'm from Wisconsin USA
  3. Betro57

    Camera upgrade

    I like flying and sometimes don't get home till it's almost dark time and can't see very good when the sun goes down and get to dark out
  4. Betro57

    Hi from Ireland

    Hi from Wisconsin USA love the Mavic Pro
  5. Betro57

    Camera upgrade

  6. Betro57

    Hi from Kent, UK

    Hi from Kent UK I had a couple crashes but the Mavic holds up pretty good no scratches or broken pieces I tore a propeller that's most that's happened I love this drone wish I would of bought one sooner
  7. Betro57

    Camera upgrade

    Does anyone do any night flying and do they offer anything for the vision for night flying
  8. Betro57

    Camera upgrade

    Thanks for response
  9. Betro57

    Camera upgrade

    I have owned the Mavic Pro for about a month and wanted to know if the camera can be upgraded on it?