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Recent content by cappellen

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    No Active Tracking prompt

    I have been doing active track with my mavic 2 zoom and android phone, so it's not an android quirk.
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    Ottoland, Netherlands

    Walk around Ottoland, the Netherlands.
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    Netherlands, wetlands

    Thanks for the nice comments.
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    Netherlands, wetlands

    They certainly did this in the past.
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    DRIVING Bergisches Land

    Nice car and a good video
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    Netherlands, wetlands

    In spite of the dry period there is still lots of water in the Netherlands.
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    Nevers Cathedral & la loire an French Ancient city (From Cesar !) [MM]

    Some very nice shots, good length. The transitions are a bit to heavy to my taste.
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    Good warning next time I should do it a bit less realistic.
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    America, My Country tis' of thee - A Presidents Day Music Video

    Fantastic shots great editing, music muh.., thank you.
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    Checking the distance of a Mavic mini

    This is an incredible distance. You must have been running behind your drone ;)
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    Steam engine in UK

    Nice, I liked the steam train and bird sounds. Made it very real.
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    Thru the low clouds

    This was very special. Thanks
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    Winter in the Swiss Alps

    Good work, nice smooth shots, very good music with it, great.
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    mini or pro

    It depends on what you want. I do a lot of hiking and than the mini is great. If you serieusly want to make photos and videos with manual control go for the mavic Pro. Just a quick point and shoot take a mini. Lot's of wind better buy a pro. The pro has much more options, but also needs more...