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Recent content by cappellen

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    Harvesting soybeans in Iowa

    Nice slow movements around the machines.
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    Mound Indian burial, POI Mavic Pro

    POI is point of interest. The drone makes a nice circle around the point of interest (POI) and you can influence how this is done.
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    Cuttyhunk MA Watching Boats - M2P 4K Video

    Some nice shots and the fun part with the man loosing his fish.
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    Comment by 'cappellen' in media 'Portage Lake ME Fall Train'

    Wow, nice colors and a very long train.
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    8th flight two questions

    I don't know if it also works on the mp but with the mp2 you can set way points with the drone in the air in the right position and tilt. Pressing the c1 button on the controller set the way point. In this way you don't need to go through all the settings and you are probably warned in advance...
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    Short movie from the Vosges in France

    Thank you very much, but I have seen movies that integrated video and music in a much better way. Still learning a lot from others.
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    Short movie from the Vosges in France

    Thank you for all the nice comments. You are very friendly which is quite different from the Dutch drone forum I also use to post.
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    Short movie from the Vosges in France

    I decided to switch all shots on the beat of the music and than you need a fast switch. The shots are also quite short in this way, so transitions take out even more. If you look at the movie without the music than it doesn't look so good.
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    Short movie from the Vosges in France

    Just back from my holiday in France. The Vosges is a very beautiful area.
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    2018 Fall Camden, Maine

    Some nice shots and maybe some camera movements should be slower, especially the yaw at the end. Nice movie.
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    The Island of Funen, Denmark

    Yes I had my drone with me and could make some nice photos and videos.
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    The Island of Funen, Denmark

    Very nice smooth shots. Last year I was in Denmark a fantastic country were you can legally drone, with this fantastic droneluftrum app. Please make more of these fantastic videos.
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    Some shots from Saturday evening's flight in Dunedin Florida USA

    Very nice colors in your pictures
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    Cap Fréhel, Bretagne, France | 4K Cinematic Drone Footage

    Very nice video with some fantastic shots.
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    Hohneck Vosges France

    This is Hotel Restaurant du Sommet du Hohneck. You can book a room there.