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Recent content by Craig Colson

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    Sandisk extreme pro sd card

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    Sandisk extreme pro sd card

    Have used the apple on the iPhone and the USB-C on the iPad 11 and the USB on a laptop, all work great. On the Apple products, you have to down load an app.
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    Sandisk extreme pro sd card

    This one also works great. geekgo Micro SD Card Reader for iPhone iPad/Android Phone/Apple MacBook/Laptop/Surface/PC/Computer,Memory Card Adapter with Micro USB C Type C 4 in1 Port Trail Game Camera Viewer (White)
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    Anyone else having issues with DJI Fly Safe Self-Unlocking?

    Not had the issue, try logging into your DJI account and verifying your phone number listed.
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    Interesting Conversation with Police

    If your part 107 licensed, you can setup and unlock account with DJI! How to Unlock Geofencing on Your DJI Drone If you fly a DJI drone then you may have run into issues with geofencing, and not knowing how to turn it off. In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to identify whether where you...
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    Coordinates on DJI Go 4 app displayed

    Needs to see the coordinates, during flights to verify locations of assets.
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    Coordinates on DJI Go 4 app displayed

    Any one know how to see the current flight location (Coordinates, Longitude-Latitude) of your Mavic Pro 2 while in flight?
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    Home Inspector buying Pro 2 or Zoom

    I used the Inspire 1, had to crop photos, taking lots of additional time, now use the Mavic Zoom for roof inspections and directly into Xactimate after running a resizing. Photo show ever detail needed for wind, hail, and deterioration for roofs for insurance inspections.
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    SOLD New in the Box Mavic 2 Zoom

    Price? Is it under warranty?