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Recent content by Donunder

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    Considering you can get the flymoreo combo online for around $1700 now you're paying almost $1000 more for that deal and you don't own the drone at the end of it. Personally, I don't think it's worth it but some people are willing to pay more for peace of mind.
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    Dealing with spectators.....

    Yeah I think most people overestimate the camera capabilities on consumer level drones. You'd really struggle to do any "perving" with it to be quite frank.
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    State Farm aren't in Australia.
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    Has anybody got any good insurance options for their Mavic? I checked with NRMA and the increase in premium + the extortionate deductible meant it was hardly worth insuring. Adding the Mavic would have cost me an extra $300 per year with a $500 deductible.
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    Big YouTubers ruining drones

    I lasted less than 10 seconds on that video and already hate that guy with a passion.
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    How many batteries to get

    I have 3 but since i've just ordered a 4 way charger I feel like I need another to fill that last slot :)
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    How many times have you crashed? (POLL)

    Just once when I fired it up indoors and it just went mental and flew into a wall. Outdoors, never. SInce I mainly fly over water that is a relief :)
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    Why does everyone use RTH?

    I don't use it. That constant beeping so soooooo annoying.
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    What did you name your Mavic Pro?

    Droney McDroneface
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    Post a picture of your RC and screen device of choice.

    What's the name of that table holder? I bought a cheap on off ebay but it's impossible to get the screen into a good position.
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    App: Drone laws for every country

    The two apps actually have different information around where I live. If you look at Mona Vale helipad in Sydney, DroneCompiler has a much larger restricted area (under 45m) than Can I Fly There. In fact, where I was flying last weekend at 100M was fine according to one app but not the other.
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    My Mavic is gone, what's next?

    Just sell it on eBay as "slightly used" ;)
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    Bit the bullet and bought the best case. go professional case

    Absolutely with you there. I don't really see the point in getting something so portable and then shoving it in a huge bulky case.
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    Mavic Lens Hoods V2

    Fair enough. Looks like quite a nice design. If I can buy one from them for a reasonable price with shipping to Australia I will It's always the shipping that's the issue).
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    Mavic rain test (inadvertent)

    Rain? In Scotland???? Are you sure? :)