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Recent content by dougiefresh27

  1. dougiefresh27

    VR Goggles for Samsung Note 9?

    I know that the DJI goggles would be the best option but I'd rather spend money like that on a drone upgrade. I currently fly a Mavic Air but with an app like Litchi ($24.99) I could buy a inexpensive pair of VR goggles But my phone is so big I think it has a 6.4" screen I'm having difficulty...
  2. dougiefresh27

    Harvesting soybeans in Iowa

    I live in Dubuque, Iowa and our fields are still very wet. I love your video. If I see corn or soy harvesting I think I'll pull over and try those shots. Very nice!
  3. dougiefresh27

    Aliens shooting at our drones or something else

    First though was bottle rockets but the 1 from the cloud ??? Yup, aliens
  4. dougiefresh27

    Who flies beyond line of sight?

    If line of sight is required for flying, why do some drones go 4 miles away?
  5. dougiefresh27

    Poll-What kind of range are you REALLY getting with your Air?

    The furthest I've gone so far is 2910 feet away at 377' high. No obstructions. I got that far and turned around. It was ready to go more it seems
  6. dougiefresh27

    You can't fly your drone here

    Drones do not cause tornadoes at all. I heard the government does that now. LOL
  7. dougiefresh27

    Any mavic operators on Oahu.

    I wish I would have had mine when I went to see the lava flow on the Big Island
  8. dougiefresh27

    Can't manually start motors

    Just pull the little cord by each motor, should start right up
  9. dougiefresh27

    Mavic Air - what color and why

    I went with red for visibility. I wanted a white one with a bright green skin but if it went down in the trees I would never find it. So I added this little decal and call it my "Predator Drone"
  10. dougiefresh27

    DJI Mavic Air or combo

    I found it more cost effective to buy the Mavic Air with controller then get batteries separate. The combo comes with a lot of fluff that I won't use.
  11. dougiefresh27

    Thoughts Please - aftermarket DJI Chargers, Charging Hubs

    I purchased a charging hub on eBay, Ultimaxx was the brand. Worked great for a year then it started to not fully charge the batteries on my MA. It said full on the nice digital read out but the battery would only flash 2 or 3 dots Now I'm using the single charge for now
  12. dougiefresh27

    Tablet for Mavic Air

    I use an Amazon fire 7" tablet. I did have to do some fancy work to get the Android Play store in there but it's pretty simple. Just follow instructions online. This allowed me to get DJI Go4 app and now I have a nice large screen. I do use a screen shield which helps with the glare and I...
  13. dougiefresh27

    Mavic Air Case

    I use an Ultimaxx hard case for my Mavic Air. I did widen the area for the drone a bit to make it easier to remove it. This is a great hard case with a fair seal and wonderful padding inside. It holds the drone, remote, multi-charger, 3 batteries, lots of cords, tablet mount and tablet and it...
  14. dougiefresh27

    Master Airscrew Stealth Propellers - 2nd GEN V2

    I have the V2 and applied the settings given on the card that comes along with the. I have had zero problems and like the lower pitch. I do not remove the props when storing. But you do have to be careful as they are a bit more flexible than the stock props. So far so good!
  15. dougiefresh27

    Tablet for Mavic Air

    I use an Amazon Fire 7" tablet. I had to do some work following youtube videos to enable it to be able to download as a standard android. It works great, is very inexpensive!