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  • Hi I'm currently trying to use moverio bt200 for my AR project. I have tried put my apk file into the microsd card and when I try to access it, nothing happened. The window didn't even pop up. Although I have tried other method like installing the app using QR code, it takes ages to download the app and can't even get install for an hour now. Do you have any idea about this? Thanks
    Also I tried to download the app from the moverio apps market itself, the pop-up message were saying that above app will be install on your MOVERIO soon. I checked my internet connection and it was connecting properly so I have no idea now what to do with it
    Hello. Please send me a private message. Need some more information
    Hi i have a problem with my new moverio bt-300 can you help me please? I tray to power on but nothing happen.Start quickly blinking green light and then just cut off.Nothing seem on the glasses.Sorry for my bad english.
    Hi Epson Movario
    any Idea when the laggy pixalated 4 4.1.18 will be superceded with an app thats actually works so we can all use our £700.00 glasses (which are to dangerous to use)
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