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Recent content by firebladeharsha

  1. firebladeharsha

    USB w Android, drains RC controller, Fine w iPhone

    Speaking of note 8, it's USB-C. I am not up to date on all the details but if I am not wrong it should support USB PD (power delivery) as in it would negotiate how much per it can draw from the other end, depressing on the phone and how it's negotiating it's in charge rate, and how the RC...
  2. firebladeharsha

    MP on a Pixel 2 XL

    Thank you! This worked for me. My MP decided not to connect to my phone while I was in a trip recently and I still would not have if it wasn't for your steps. Let's hope DJI gets their act together with the app.
  3. firebladeharsha

    Platinum Prop Shipping Delays... anyone else?

    My order has been stuck with DJI for a couple weeks too at this point. Just re-ordered them for @Advexure. Lets see how this goes. Fingers crossed hoping for original props and not knockoffs.
  4. firebladeharsha

    Any drone flyers in NorCal?

    San Jose here.
  5. firebladeharsha

    Hello pilots!

    Hello pilots!