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Florida Drone Supply
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  • Would you mind advising me when an update for the smart controller is available to enable use with the Mavic 2 Dual and DJI pilot app. Thanks
    I'm afraid u did not... To summarize, I'm from Brazil and will be leaving Orlando Florida on the Feb 15th evening... I really need to buy 2 mavic battery and have them delivered until Feb 14th... Can u help me? I'm worried not to get it on time... Thanks a lot
    Hello FDS,

    I'm from Brazil but at the moment I'm on vacation in Orlando until Feb 15 (my flight departs on the evening)... Im looking for the mavic battery to be delivered to me on or before Feb 14
    Do you still have it on stock(2)? Can it be delivered until the feb 14th?
    Im ready to order, just waiting the green light... By the way, I really would like to pay in cash... Is there any option? WU?

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