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  • I know exactly how you feel about flying drones. I used to climb and walk in the mountains which with age has become increasingly more difficult. However, the other day I drove ¾ of the way up the volcano Hekla (I live in Iceland!) and I was able to fly my drone to the summit! It felt as if I was there myself! It is a truly wonderful hobby and I wish you many hours of happy flying! Stay safe and well!
    Wonderful! I would have loved to have flown my drone in Iceland! I was there 2 years ago on a photography course and loved your island. Mind you it was rather cold in February but it doesn’t get its name for nothing! It is so beautiful there and I will come back soon with my drone this time! Stay safe yourself and lots more happy flying!
    I wanted to mention your age, however my thought was that being a drone pilot will step up and be my go too when my athletic ability is long behind me as well.

    Of anything you do, the bigger the risk, the greater the reward and I am fascinated that the lovely lady that is suppose to be sitting at home knitting picked something else in that not even the sky is the limit!!!!

    .......I am so happy your into the hobby!!!!
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    Well thanks! I thought at first that I would be laughed at because of my age! Seems some think that I should be sitting at home knitting! I love photography of any kind and when I saw some drone footage I was blown away as it gives you even more freedom to create. Mind legs won’t let me climb the mountains anymore.....but my friend ‘Birdy1’ can do that for me! Bliss. Keep safe and keep flying!
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