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Recent content by JeremyDWilliams

  1. JeremyDWilliams

    Lost my DJI Mavic pro on my first flight [ DRONE FOUND]

    I think as a warning to new MP fliers, make sure you take off no where near metal objects so the MMU can operate correctly. It can be pretty fussy at times. And doing a calibration never hurts. Great thread! Having been in that 'where is the drone' situation before (never with DJI) I can sure...
  2. JeremyDWilliams

    City Park Ban in Oregon, is it legal?

    As mayor of a small town in Canada, I see these 'hot issues' come and go all the time. Best is to be respectful so it doesn't boil over. It sounds like the bylaw is poor at best, like a great many passed by councils across North America. It would be smart to politely email your members of...
  3. JeremyDWilliams

    Quick Range test with the goggles!

    Nice video, subb'd.
  4. JeremyDWilliams

    Skins for Mavic.

    Sweet! #TrendSetter
  5. JeremyDWilliams

    Does your Android tablet work?

    Thanks @PropPilot for the info! For those in Canada, Staples is having a sale on them for $89. It's a slightly different model but close, B1-780 with the MTK8163 1.3ghz quadcore and I can confirm it seems fine (3 flights). Although they do have a few different ones for sale, including a $59 one...