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  • John.

    Whdre are the lakes? The black swans are a bit of a giveaway.

    I live near Mandurah.
    John Gowland
    John Gowland
    Hi bushie both are in the Northern suburbs of Perth. Lake Joondalup is the biggest for miles. Lake Goolellal is a much smaller one.
    I must visit Mandurah must be some awesome footage with al the lakes in your area.
    John Gowland
    John Gowland
    I am sure it is. I want the 25 thing but can I switch it on and off? I joined the group. I want to be safe and adhere to things but when it is completely safe I want to do what I want.
    yes you can very easy with the no limit drone app.
    I never change mine back and forth though. I used the "B4UFLY" app to check before i fly in areas of question and keep my above ground alt well below 400ft.
    secondly you also need to consider what path it will take if you loose connection on RTH flying up a 3000ft mountain. Is there air traffic in the area that could be in your RTH path.
    there is nothing in the mods that forces you to fly high just removes the limits.
    Just downloaded the latest version of litchi and it has tripod mode you can also configure C1 or c2 to toggle it. Works great.
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