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Recent content by Johnny21

  1. Johnny21

    Zakynthos shipwreck beach,Greece

    The beach is accessible only by boat,so you have to carry it with a waterproof bag.
  2. Johnny21

    Zakynthos (Zante) island,Greece

    Sunset and sunrise,main town of Zakynthos
  3. Johnny21

    Violent camera shake on braking

    It just can't handle braking....
  4. Johnny21

    Bansko,ski resort,Bulgaria

    Except the old village around the church, all the other buildings are hotels.Its the biggest Bulgarian ski resort,100 kilometers from Greece and Greek skiers prefer it.
  5. Johnny21

    Flying around a lake

  6. Johnny21

    Bansko,ski resort,Bulgaria

  7. Johnny21

    Flying around a lake

  8. Johnny21

    Ammouliani Island,Greece

  9. Johnny21

    Ammouliani Island,Greece