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    Why isn’t the FAA drone registration database public like The N number database?

    As a HAM for over 30 years, my information has been online for as long as there's been an internet. Normally if you operate within the rules, folks tend to leave you alone. I do agree it would be nice for tracking down the owner of a "found" drone or something like that, but probably not going...
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    Smart Controller Calibration Fails

    I'll give that a try, thanks.
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    Smart Controller Calibration Fails

    Hello, I am able to calibrate the compass on my M2Z fine, however when I try to calibrate the SC itself it fails every time. I don't know if it really needs calibration, but I noticed this problem when I first got the M2Z and it called for a compass calibration. I didn't know at that time that...
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    Where is Dolly Zoom

    Replying to my own question here. After much playing around with it this morning, I found both of them under the "quickshots" mode button. They are both there along with boomerang and several others. I'm sure someone would have answered after they got out of work, but found it. They didn't make...
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    Where is Dolly Zoom

    Hi, I've only had my M2Z about a month and a half or so, but am starting to explore more of the features. When I go to the screen where there are the different flight modes (probably incorrect terminology) such as point of interest, active track, and so on, there is no Dolly Zoom listed. As far...
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    What’s in your drone bag? - new pilot

    I have the MP2 Zoom and setup as follows. 3 batteries, camera filters (4, 8, 16 & pl), extra props (have never needed them). Recently also got a 42" pad, since concrete usually has some type of wire or rebar in it which tends to mess with the compass. The pad allows you to land an take off from...
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    1 mile from a 10KW long wave transmitter, would you fly ? SOLVED.. I'm not risking it

    At 909 KHz which is less than 1 MHz the chances of interference at 2.4 or 5.8 GHz would be slim to none. That is just above the AM broadcast band, and many of them run much more power than than that. Cell systems which are much closer to our frequencies, are all over the place. I would not...
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    Anyone using a mulit battery charger?

    I have an RCGEEK one that charges 4 batteries at once, and has 2 USB ports as well. I only have 3 batteries but have charged all 3 at once along with the SC several times, and it works great. It does get a little hot, but seems to work well. It is the white one with 4 output cables & 2 USB ports.
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    Editing software

    Thanks for the reply, I downloaded it yesterday and it does seem to work very well. It is free for "home" use as you mentioned. I made a couple of short projects with it,added music and some effects and it turned out pretty well. I think I will be able to master it after working with it for a...
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    Editing software

    I recently downloaded one called Video Pad (by NCH Software) and made a couple of short videos using it. I really have no experience with that type of stuff, and yet found it not too hard to use. I even added a music track and text in certain areas and it worked great. It is free for home use, I...
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    MS Movie Maker to edit videos (black screen) Question

    Hello, I've had other quads in the past, one of which was a Blade QX2 with a CGO1 camera. I now recently got a Mavic 2 Zoom with the Smart controller. I have it figured out pretty well and it flys great and takes great photos & videos. I found MS Movie Maker in my windows 10 PC and thought I...
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    Camera protector scratches...

    The Polar Pro gimbal locks look very good and I plan to get one in the near future. Do a search for them and check them out. Since they are all rubber and much easier to attach, I see no way they should scratch the camera. I use a Nanuk 925 case, and it seems to sit very solid without a lock on...
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    Delivered Without SD Card

    The Mavic 2 has 16GB of internal memory built in and an external micro sd card slot. I ordered a 128GB card with my Mavic, and it was in the box when the drone was shipped. I later went up to the local Best Buy and bought an extra one as well (Sandisk Extreem Plus). This was the same one I got...
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    Go Share function question

    That's ok if you have a PC (which I do), but what if you only have your Samsung S9 phone. I guess the main question is how do I get the QR code off the smart controller screen, without shutting down the Go Share application. Then you can manage the videos and photos with the smart controller and...
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    Go Share function question

    It took some time to figure out how to get to the pictures and videos I took during flights. It would seem they reside on the micro sd card on the bird, and can be downloaded or deleted using the Go Share function on the smart controller. The first time I did this the files fine when I went into...