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  1. KB9Radio

    Smart controller

    If you still have the phantom 4, I believe the smart controller will work with that as well provided it has the latest firmware.
  2. KB9Radio

    Smart controller

    Are you sure that you have the screen brightness on auto or all the way up, I can see mine in sunlight with no problem. Just thought I'd ask. :-)
  3. KB9Radio

    Smart controller

    It's compact, convenient, and the screen is great in any light. Very quick from taking it out of the case to being in the air. It's also quite a bit of money for sure. I'm glad I got mine right away with the M2Z, it was a little more reasonable that way. I was expecting future DJI quads to work...
  4. KB9Radio

    Help me understand what happened here: hard crash due to DJI NFZ causing aircraft lose of control and hit tree

    I was only trying to let the author of this thread know that you can't legally fly 150 meters in the US, nothing to do with any crash and didn't think I had indicated that it did. I don't care about the crash and had nothing to do with it. But I read it and the first thing that caught my eye was...
  5. KB9Radio

    Help me understand what happened here: hard crash due to DJI NFZ causing aircraft lose of control and hit tree

    By the way, you can't legally fly at 150 meters in the US. I know you probably weren't at that height, but your message talked about the 150 meter limit. The legal limit is 400 ft (121.9 meters).
  6. KB9Radio

    GO SHARE wont connect to S10 phone

    Hello, I have an S9, but maybe the way I connect will work for yours as well. I am never able to get the QR code thing to scan, so this is my work around. Turn on the drone. Turn on the smart controller. Once the main screen is up, swipe down from the top of the screen. Hit go share near the...
  7. KB9Radio

    Occusync communication

    Only if they're low band AM signals, not at the frequencies these operate at. There will be some penitration through wood/vinyl walls, but metal or dirt will pretty much totally block the signal.
  8. KB9Radio


    As far as I know UAV forcast is basically a weather app. You should check something like Airmap or B4UFLY apps to see if there are any restrictions before you fly. DJI flysafe database doesn't care about the weather, they only check if you are in safe airspace. At least that's been my experience.
  9. KB9Radio

    Removing Stock Filter on M2 Zoom- to Install PolarPro or PGYTech Filters/PLs

    I used a the rubber piece I had in the kitchen for removing jar covers. Just grab it and unscrew it counterclockwise. They're on there pretty good from the factory, but mine on my M2Z came loose.
  10. KB9Radio

    Main Controller Setting Question

    I know the latest update turned the flight modes off by default, I noticed it on my first flight after the update. I turned it back on (dirkclod has a pic), and all was good.
  11. KB9Radio

    Battery swelling in four of six batteries

    After writing something ridicules and dangerous, you not only will not have a chance in a lawsuit, you'll be lucky if you don't get charged.
  12. KB9Radio

    Smart Controller Auto Startup -with charger?

    With my smart controller I don't double press at all. To turn on I just press and hold the power button till it vibrates, and then release button. To turn off I press and hold the power button til the indicator comes on to indicate it is shutting down, then release the button. To turn on/off the...
  13. KB9Radio

    Mavic 2 Zoom Firmware 0670 updated and issues faced

    Strange, I have flown several times since the update and had no issues. I did have to reset the RTH altitude and re-enable the intelligent flight modes, but other than that all was good. I have the M2Z with smart controller.
  14. KB9Radio

    Ban on DJI

    Don't worry, we will get back to normal at some point.
  15. KB9Radio

    One of the oldest and still active lighthouses in the world!

    Took me a while to find the water... All of the light houses I have ever seen were right near, or in some cases in the water. It's strange to see a light house that far from the water. Very nice video though, thanks.