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  • I am on vacation in May from the USA
    I will pass thru Switzerland...any special info I need to know about flying my drone?
    I keep getting little glimps of forum tittles before they are deleted.
    I am honestly ready to find a new forum for the mavic. i am tired of this deleting BS.
    Where did you hear about this is there a modded dji assistant available somewhere.

    "It's been proven since that NOTHING in the current hacks and mods redistributes anything copyrighted nor exploit any dubious methods.

    They're using a trivial method supplied by DJI in their own public tools to edit settings that have are made available to edit by DJI without restriction."
    Well....with the new .1000 there are some restrictions now on previously unrestricted settings!
    Hi I have joined this forum purely to find the owner of a lost drone
    that may have flown into restricted space in Dublin Ireland.
    I suspect the drone owner is from the US maybe on holiday
    Any help with best way for tracing owner appreciated
    Best regards
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