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Recent content by Leo153

  1. Leo153

    The Mount, Home of Edith Warton, Lenox Massachusetts

    Thanks TD!!! I didn't see the contest... the camera works A-Okay since you fixed my gimbal cable.
  2. Leo153

    Fall Foliage Photo Contest. Prizes for top 6 entries.

    Mavic Pro (Alpine) RAW 400ft. no filters AWB The Mount, Lenox, Massachusetts October 13, 2018
  3. Leo153

    The Mount, Home of Edith Warton, Lenox Massachusetts

    Mavic Pro, RAW, 425ft. October 13th.
  4. Leo153

    Laurel Lake, Lenox, MA

    Same here, no real colors. Hope a blast of color comes next week. Thanks for viewing my pic.
  5. Leo153

    Laurel Lake, Lenox, MA

    Thanks. I hope the forcasted rain this weekend doesn't knock the leaves off! So far the colors are lackluster at best, come on Ma Nature, lets move it!
  6. Leo153

    Laurel Lake, Lenox, MA

    Mavic Pro, 400 feet.
  7. Leo153

    Best way to crash

    Not the smartest thing I've ever done. Thanks for the repair Thunderdrone!!!
  8. Leo153

    Mantis Claw

    LOL very funny!!!!
  9. Leo153

    GPS Dead Spot?

    Hello again... Is it possible to have a GPS dead spot? My MP runs great with my Crystal Sky 5" display. I practice flying in my back yard and the surrounding 1/4 mile radius. The for 2nd day in a row I got disconnected from the RC in roughly the same area. I'm happy the Mavic came back to it's...
  10. Leo153

    How large have you printed Mavic still photos?

    I sold a dozen ,15X9 of these images. I use a lab called PhotoArt Imaging in Colorado for custom prints. I could probably print a little larger, but this size has sharp images. I send 166 dpi files. Lenox, Ma.
  11. Leo153

    What did you name your Mavic Pro?

    My Alpine is The Morrigan. The Irish Crow Godess
  12. Leo153

    New Mavic Low Noise Props - TESTED - Longer and quieter ?

    Thanks Bama, The Morrigan is the Irish Crow Goddess.