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  • #3 Soprry about the three posts. I did not know i would be limited
    Take care sir. i look forward to your posts and "talking' to you again.
    It is just SeaPig with no (s). comes from the first SF team I was on :)
    #2 I wish I would have kept up with him. He and his family were "salt of the earth people" and very genuine. kind of hard to find a lot of people like that now a days.
    As for the info you sent, I am going to start working through it right now. Plenty lf time on my hands with having recent rotar cuff repair.
    #1 Thank you very much for this info Bruce and again for all that you do here and on the other sites.
    No sharing of names with me, 26 years Army with a TS for a majority of it.
    I lived next to a really great guy while I was stationed in Oki '97-'02 at Kadena AFB named Bruce. I believe he was an AC-130 structureral supervisor.
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