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Recent content by ltena

  1. ltena

    Flying Dan Diego Area, any Recommendations where and where not?

    Hi guys, any recommendations where to get cool shots in the SAN area? Regards
  2. ltena

    Hangar Autopilot App RTH Altitude

    Hi, how can I set the default RTH ALT while using Autopilot? Cheers [emoji482]
  3. ltena

    Registration refunds

  4. ltena

    Registration refunds

    Cool, so are there benefits for registering the drone? Where can I find the document saying it's no longer required?
  5. ltena

    Registration refunds

    So now registration its free?
  6. ltena

    Hello from Northern California

    Welcome, it's awesome I got mine 1 week ago and I still fly it every time I have a chance, I bought the prop protectors to fly it indoors when it's raining to satisfy the craving hahaha I hope you enjoy the drone
  7. ltena

    Whats the point of buying a drone?

    Hi, well it's like sugar... everything that has sugar will taste better but it will make you fat :) eating healthy it's hard. It's the same with drones, it is always more attractive and fun flying above 400', or doing awesome shots of your city downtown, flying between buildings, filming...
  8. ltena

    can't transfer files

    Hi guys! Im new here. I just wanted to say that I got here because I couldn't copy the files from the SD to my Mac using 3 different adapters and two different SD cards, a 16 and a 64GB, I got the same error that Bosco all the time, I thought it could be my computer (2012 MacBook Pro) but a...