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Recent content by Martysticks

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    Camera filters for Mavic Pro

    OK, you guys are the experts. Are there any recommendations for what type of camera filters I should buy for my Mavic Pro Platinum? Any specific manufacturers you would recommend? Thanks in advance; Marty
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    how to find locations to fly your drone legally for scenic photography | an article

    Hey Greg; I enjoyed that. I also saw that you were from Onondaga County (I grew up in Lyncourt) and was just there a few weeks ago. I also had one of my drones with me (Mavic air) and I took it to Oneida Shows so I could fly out over the ice. I thought I checked everything out and I knew my...
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    OK, I've only been flying for about a year, and have had over 150 flights between my Mavic Air and Mavic Pro Platinum. One of the advertisements I caught while browsing the forums was for AirData ( Wow, how did I miss this wonderful tool? I've seen where folks have analyzed...
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    How to NOT crash your drone video series. What do you think so far?

    Wow; excellent series. The battery info made me sit up and take notice, mainly because my batteries are in the case with my drone(s), both my MA and MP Platinum. Is that really an issue?
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    What is your battery warning percentage level set at?

    Mine is set for 20% warning, but I rarely depend on this. I'm well on my way home (landing) way before I get the alert.
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    I use the link button on my Mavic Pro for connecting to my DJI Goggles.
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    Your very first Uh-Oh Moment

    Well, when I first started flying these little birds, I remember having a little bit of a panic the first time I lost the video feed. That was on my Mavic Air and I was facing west and the little guy was flying south. But my first real panic attack happened just a few days ago with my Mavic...
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    Motor Current Error

    What software are using to generate these reports? Looks extremely interesting.
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    New in Nocatee/ Ponte Vedra , Fl.

    Welcome neighbor; I'm in Middleburg. I fly a Mavic Air and a Mavic Pro Platinum.
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    Mavic Pro disappeared

    question: How can a battery fall out of a Mavic Pro? Isn't the battery on top? I can see it as a possibility with the Mavic Air, but a Pro?
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    Same DJI Go App, multiple drones

    Ok, I currently have a Mavic Air which I fly with either my IPAD or iPhone, running DJI Go4 version 4.3.29. I'm now considering acquiring a Mavic Air Pro Platinum. Can I use the same App? Will it recognize which drone is currently connected? I'm not asking about flying both simultaneously...
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    Jacksonville, FL - Beach and Surrounding areas

    I've been out to Green Cove Springs and have flown from one of the parks by the water with no issues. Same with Keystone Heights; flew off the small beach/park over the water and got some pretty shots.
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    Mavic air delivered with both shrink wrap and seal opened

    I just bought the DJI Goggles, and when I picked them up at the store (Best Buy, it was an online order) I noticed that the package was not shrink wrapped. I was a little concerned so I opened the package (it did look like an anti-tamper seal on the bottom) in my truck before I left the store...
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    Poll-What kind of range are you REALLY getting with your Air?

    I was out at a small beach, flying over water and hit 6300 feet. I did lose sight of it at about 2300 feet. After turning around I flew for quite sometime and managed just under 24000 feet total. That’s enough for me.