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  • Hi there from Port Lincoln, Am interested in your bulk order for MAS props. Seems sensible to cut transport costing where possible.I would only take the two pairs (4 props altogether) - for my trusty MP1 with 4.5 years of enjoyment. So let me know the procedure for payment etc and we'll take it from there. Cheers, mereflyer (Real name - Rob White)
    Is all well neighbour? Have missed your pearls of wisdom on the forum (or we may have just passed like ships in the night). Take care...Max/Nairne.
    Hi MM, sorry, I totally didn't see your message until just checking for a post I made.
    Been fine, plenty going on, just had a bit of a hiatus from all forums for a short while.
    Had a basal cell carcinoma (the 'best' skin cancer one can get) taken out of my face recently, so that's changed my work and play status a bit.
    Hope you are well and getting flight or two in occasionally ?
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