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Recent content by mrwagdog

  1. mrwagdog

    New DJI Flight Simulator

    With your controller? I do not, sorry. I'm developing a game, not a simulator, that works with XBox controllers (see my sig). It will be free when its released.
  2. mrwagdog

    New DJI Flight Simulator

    You, and everyone else. I gave up on this working long ago.
  3. mrwagdog

    Another successful SAR by drone story

    Good stuff. We had the Vermont State Police come talk to our RC club (at school), and it was really interesting. In addition to SAR, they're using drones for accident analysis. Pretty cool stuff.
  4. mrwagdog

    Looking for input on a quad/drone game I'm making

    Thanks, I really appreciate the suggestions. Weather might be doable and remote landing certainly is. Not sure about magnetic interference, but I'll keep it on the list. Timed events and battery considerations are certainly something I can get in there as well.
  5. mrwagdog

    Looking for input on a quad/drone game I'm making

    Hey all, I've working on this off and on for a couple of years. It's a drone "game", and sort of a trainer for new pilots. The idea isn't to be an accurate sim, rather something people can play around with and learn the controls of a drone before actually flying a real one. Presently the game...
  6. mrwagdog

    Why the new app for the Mavic Mini?

    Makes sense to me. DJI GO has a lot of clutter and is fairly intimidating and complex for new users. I suspect cleaning it up for a new and simple drone would have added more clutter and confusion. They probably made the decision for a new app based on the target audience.
  7. mrwagdog

    Mavic Mini Reviews--- Why aren't they comparing to the Mavic Air? .. and.... strange marketing.

    There are still honest YouTube reviewers out there. They’re just not getting free drones prior to product launch. I’m sure there will be more critical (and I mean that in a positive/honest way) reviews once the mini is in the hands of the general public. I don’t begrudge people the ability to...
  8. mrwagdog


    Normally, I would say 7 minutes of drone video is WAY too long... I watched every second of that one. Stunningly good. I have a strangely metallic taste in my mouth now.
  9. mrwagdog

    Advice on getting started with video editing.

    There are several YouTube instructional videos. Google “flying like a filmmaker” or “drone film techniques” and start from there. As far as software, hit film express is free and reasonably useful for getting started. Older versions of Vegas pro come up on the humble bundle often. I like Vegas...
  10. mrwagdog

    POLL: How much will the Mavic Mini cost?

    I need to know how much I have to save up! I'm guessing in the $500 to $600 range. Results are public, no changing after voting.
  11. mrwagdog

    SAD Having to sell my Mavic air

    Hang in there, keep flying.
  12. mrwagdog

    Flying in NH State Parks?

    It does. I understand where they're coming from. I don't like the policy, but that's the way it goes. They are treating all drone activities as commercial and under the same umbrella. For example, they are requiring people to be licensed under Part 107 to apply to fly in a state park. I'm...
  13. mrwagdog

    Flying in NH State Parks?

    Great post and information, Jeremy! Thank you for taking part in the discussion here. I guess I find the $100 fee to be kind of imposing; my use of any footage I take will be commercial, however I’m most likely to use it on my own website, YouTube channel and portfolio. My drone work is not my...
  14. mrwagdog

    Flying in NH State Parks?

    Appreciate the reply. How did you receive the application? Was it a specific "drone use application" of some sort?
  15. mrwagdog

    Flying in NH State Parks?

    I’ll try to contact him, just out of curiosity. I’m feeling like this “policy” is arbitrary and not founded in any state law.