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  1. mrwagdog


    Normally, I would say 7 minutes of drone video is WAY too long... I watched every second of that one. Stunningly good. I have a strangely metallic taste in my mouth now.
  2. mrwagdog

    Advice on getting started with video editing.

    There are several YouTube instructional videos. Google “flying like a filmmaker” or “drone film techniques” and start from there. As far as software, hit film express is free and reasonably useful for getting started. Older versions of Vegas pro come up on the humble bundle often. I like Vegas...
  3. mrwagdog

    POLL: How much will the Mavic Mini cost?

    I need to know how much I have to save up! I'm guessing in the $500 to $600 range. Results are public, no changing after voting.
  4. mrwagdog

    SAD Having to sell my Mavic air

    Hang in there, keep flying.
  5. mrwagdog

    Flying in NH State Parks?

    It does. I understand where they're coming from. I don't like the policy, but that's the way it goes. They are treating all drone activities as commercial and under the same umbrella. For example, they are requiring people to be licensed under Part 107 to apply to fly in a state park. I'm...
  6. mrwagdog

    Flying in NH State Parks?

    Great post and information, Jeremy! Thank you for taking part in the discussion here. I guess I find the $100 fee to be kind of imposing; my use of any footage I take will be commercial, however I’m most likely to use it on my own website, YouTube channel and portfolio. My drone work is not my...
  7. mrwagdog

    Flying in NH State Parks?

    Appreciate the reply. How did you receive the application? Was it a specific "drone use application" of some sort?
  8. mrwagdog

    Flying in NH State Parks?

    I’ll try to contact him, just out of curiosity. I’m feeling like this “policy” is arbitrary and not founded in any state law.
  9. mrwagdog

    Please Recommend a Tablet Computer for use with my Mavic Pro

    6th gen 9.7" iPads are $250 at Walmart. Apple iPad 32GB Wi-Fi - Space Gray - Walmart.com I have a 5th gen 9.7" and it works great.
  10. mrwagdog

    Flying in NH State Parks?

    Greetings all; I was in NH two days ago (Colebrook area, Beaver Brook Falls). It looked like a great place to fly and get some nice footage. I looked up contact information for NH State Parks (NH State Parks : Welcome) and called to inquire about restrictions flying in the park. I was told...
  11. mrwagdog

    Almost midnight in Kodiak Alaska

    Stunning! Well done!
  12. mrwagdog

    DJI is working to add LAANC support

    I think it will be nice when it's integrated into DJI GO - it will certainly make it easier to use for more people.
  13. mrwagdog

    GO4 - you know what would be sweet?

    I've think having the upper part be the FPV and the lower part be the map/satellite/widgets view would be great. No screen real estate wasted. The upper-half is much larger than a 5.5" phone and still provides plenty of FPV visuals. Having the widgets on the bottom would free up the FPV view as...
  14. mrwagdog

    Won’t fly higher than 96’

    This sounds likely. I’m not flying with cell coverage and the iPad is WiFi only. But, I have flown this configuration several times, including earlier the same day at a nearby site (no WiFi) and had no issue. Still, this sounds reasonable. Appreciate the reply.
  15. mrwagdog

    Won’t fly higher than 96’

    I’d like to research this further; where are you quoting that from? If I’m following FAA guidelines/rules, where does Transport Canada fall into the discussion. Do they have jurisdiction of US airspace on or near the border? I’m genuinely interested and intend on following the rules. I...