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Recent content by PhantomPilotuk

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    Change Height requirements

    Any higher that that I doubt you would be able to see it?!
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    1 mile from a 10KW long wave transmitter, would you fly ? SOLVED.. I'm not risking it

    Personally no but I will follow this thread with great interest
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    DJI Smart Controller…

    Cheers Martin
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    DJI Smart Controller…

    What models will the smart controller work with?
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    Suggestions needed?

    My suggestion would be to spend time reading the instruction manual then progress to learning to fly it and get some hours of stick time before adding anything to it.
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    Lume Cube Strobe Anti-Collision Lights

    Do you do Phantom 3 mounts for the Strobon strobes?
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    Lost Drones

    I would strongly consider taking up a hobby that doesn't involve flying with that kind of luck! Joking apart that is terrible luck over a short space of time..
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    Video on iPhone as high res as the card?

    No its lower quality than the footage on the SD Card
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    Doesn't the FAA have better things to do

    What does any of this actually have to do with drone flying?
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    Flew in a cool place and got yelled at for it.. Crazy Lady

    A great advertisement for drone fliers everywhere. Its behaviour like this that gets us a bad name and causes more and more regulations to come out...