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Recent content by RicSkye

  1. Skinadin


    Just north of Broadford, Isle Of Skye, Scotland. This is a sheltered bay at the edge of a forest.
  2. RicSkye

    Post your best Photo From Mavic

    This is a lucky shot. I had been out with the Mavic but the midgies were biting pretty bad :( so I just pulled in here and popped the Mavic in the air, the sea was like a mill pond and reflected the sky perfectly.
  3. RicSkye's Media

    RicSkye's Media

    Isle Of Skye, Scotland
  4. RicSkye

    Hi from the Isle Of Skye

    Hi, I'm Richard living on the Isle Of Skye, Western Scotland. I've owned my Mavic Pro since May and slowly getting used to it!
  5. RicSkye

    Any Scots? Check in here

    Hi, just joined the forum, I'm on the Isle Of Skye.