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Recent content by rizzi

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    Looking for software for gimbal calibration

    in fact i did it. there is a github source working with python scripts . however when i execute GimbalCalib for Mavic air, mine is wm230, codes at that tool and on the right serial port. it says that it does not understand the answer sent by the drone. maybe it's not compatible with the version...
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    Looking for software for gimbal calibration

    so finally, did you have it? could you please send me too even it's locked? i think i can open..
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    Need help to test motor

    Hi to everybody, I have recently joined to the forum and would like to have your opinion. I have a Mavic Air and all my motors were damaged due to water + ESC. I first replaced ESC, started drone, and everything was ok except motors(esc errors). Later I bought 4 used original motors from ebay. I...