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Recent content by roygush

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    Mavic doesn't show some of the pictures? (white pics)

    Hello, I recently got my Mavic and started flying it around. I noticed the Mavic doesn't save or 'miss' some of the pictures. Please see attached. Some of the pictures were saved and others are not (white pics). Has anyone ever experienced such issue? Thanks!
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    No Fly Zone - will DJI report to authorities?

    Hello all, I'm kind of frustrated with all the regulations in national parks. I mean, WTH? When hiking i find myself mostly by myself so why the restrictions? there are not a lot of people around so what will happen? nothing! I was wondering if DJI is allowed to report my S/N and/or GPS...
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    Hi from San Francisco

    im looking for cool spots around SF to fly my MAVIC but still not sure if it is permitted at all. thoughts?
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    Bay Area Pilots Sound Off

    sup all, just got my mavic three days ago, i am from SF. Where do you guys usually fly your drones at? THanks!
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    Hi from San Francisco

    Hi all, Just got my mavic this week and already have 3 flights in the books. Cannot believe how far and high this thing can go. Any other Mavicers around SF? any cool sites to fly my mavic around? Great to meet ya'll! Roy