Oct 31, 2016
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    1. raquellerogers
      I cracked my left front landing leg... do you sell those parts? I'm on vacation in Hawaii right now
    2. Glaiven
      Hello, am looking to buy a front left antenna foot for the Mavic Pro. Do you happen to have any available for sale?
    3. Rocksca
      Hi There, need a front left leg for the Mavic Platinum. Do you have any and how much?
    4. kingpin2222
      Hello, I need one each front left and right landing gear leg for the Mavic Pro Platinum. Are you selling? How do I purchase. Thanks!
    5. Mdog23
      Hello. I'm I need of the front left landing gear for the dji mavic pro platinum. Any help would be appreciated
    6. netfolks2000
      1. Please quote a price for the front right leg only, standing over drone, camera facing forward, right leg. 2. If I replace it will that affect my warranty? Thank you.
    7. Kalec
      Hey I'm just like most and I'm in need of front legs Dji Mavic PLATINUM Replacement Leg, I noticed bouth of the antenna legs was damaged, (cracked) if you could contact me that would be cool thanks in advance.
    8. LDS
      Hi - you guesses it. I need a front left landing leg! (left if you imagine your eyes are the camera, it would be the left arm...). I am based in the UK. If you could let me know either way, that would be great :)
    9. Pointbob
      Hi. I'm in Pacific Northwest WA state...FRONT RIGHT LEG cracked. Just the leg..shoot me a note if you have one..thanks..
    10. RIsiaah
      Hi do you have a right leg and hinge Please
    11. maddiejake
      Hello. I just received my Mavic Pro Platinum today and sadly, one of the front legs is cracked and bent inward. I was told that I may be able to purchase new OEM front landing legs from you. Please advise. I live in Atlanta, GA.
    12. scubadore
      I just cracked my Mavic Pro front left leg, any hope for me? I live in Florida
    13. Fryburger
      Also looking for a front left leg (Mavic pro). Do you have one?
    14. MJC1318
      like everyone else I am also looking for front legs. both left and right.. please let me know if you are able to help. From Australia.your help with this would be greatly appreciated.
    15. Nickstratt22
      Hey I'm just like most and I'm in need of front legs if you could contact me that would be cool thanks in advance
    16. MarcWinNJ
      Can you contact me about getting a set of front landing gear legs. Thx,
      1. scubadore
        Did you get a reply from SalvageDrones?
        Nov 5, 2017
    17. frysie
      Chasing a front left antenna leg as it got bent from a 1m fall. Australia
    18. John Gowland
      John Gowland
      Perhaps SalvageDrones is too busy? I still have a bent leg. Do I send it away to DJI for a new Leg?
    19. arleite87
      Recommended to seek you for parts so if there is any way I can purchase an antenna leg from you that would be great!! Thank you!
    20. John Gowland
      John Gowland
      Just got in from a crash ,having bent my front leg, with MP label on it. Dont think my local DJI dealer will have one, they don't open till Monday. Looks like they are in big demand, Salvage Drone? Do you have one?
      Still flys perfectly but would rather have two straight ones.
      John, Perth, Australia.
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    Jan 1, 1970 (Age: 48)