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    NFZ - One more reason to hate DJI

    If you do a search on YouTube including the words mavic and nfz you will find a solution.
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    Any way around inaccurate NFZ?

    Rollback firmware, notify and coordinate with the tower like any other aircraft sharing the airspace would, get your pics and call it a day.
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    Any feedback on ebay propellers

    The sound is different for sure, more of a buzz than a hum. I sanded the trailing edge and smoothed out some tooling markings, but really didn't change much. I wish there was a better tip design or the legs had a different shape to deflect prop wash compression over their surface.
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    Any feedback on ebay propellers

    I got these and they work great, all carbon. Want to get the new pro Platinum style to quiet the bee hive Apex RC Products DJI Mavic 8.3 X 3.0 8330 Carbon Fiber Quick Release Props #9601 | eBay
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    Mavic Pro and accessories for sale.

    please send pics or link to [email protected] thanks, Ben