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  • Hi, I would like to take advantage of the testing of the hard sided case for my Mini 4Pro. If I order from the Canadian site the price is around $95 plus $10 shipping. How do I order it and get reimbursed?
    How's it going> I hope you are well. I am a writer and media director for I do quite a bit of reviews of drones and accessories and would love to showcase your products either via written or video review. Whenever you have new products I'd love to test them out for you. My fleet currently consists of Mini 3 Pros, Air 2S', and Autel Evol Lite+.
    I own a mini 3 pro and write for and am gearing up for a few Mini 3 Pro reviews. Would love to test and review your accessories. Some of my droneblog articles and reviews: Dan's droneblog articles
    I'd like to review the hard case for the mini 3 pro, I already have your soft case, and love it for quick trips.
    I would like to review the hard case and the propeller holder. Just advise where you would like me to send the review to my mini 3 was just delivered.
    Hi. I’m a pro film maker and would love to test the new stuff for the mini 3

    Please see
    Hi, we can send some sample to you for testing ,please offer me your detail address.
    If you still need someone to assist with testing, I'm willing to help. Thanks and have a good day!
    How did you know I was wanting almost all those items 😁
    Looking at the hard case, filters, and prop holder. I am ready to order.
    DJI Mini 3 Pro w/ DJI RC, and Fly More Plus, USA
    Hi Skyreat, I would love to try the 3 pack ND for Mavic Pro 2 (or possibly a 6 pack with PL). I work for Australian TV and would be happy to give you a review. Unfortunately Amazon no longer ships to Australia due to a fight with the Australian Govt. Is there another way I can purchase them?
    Hello,Please offer me you detail address, I can ship a sample to you next week, thank you !
    Hi, Skyreat i would like to try your ND filters for the Mavic Pro 2, what i need to do? (SKYREAT ND Filter Set 3-Pack (ND4, ND8, ND16 Mavic 2 Filters)
    would love to try filters. will post youtube review !
    Thanks ! Can I also try out the normal ND ones (non PL)? Btw, you should create a Skyreat website. I'd be happy to help if you need!
    Hi,See the ND filter 50% code:LG75-LD7PX4-HQ5767
    Yeah,I'm planning to creat a good Skyreat website, But i'm not good at it, I appreciate if you can help, please let me know what should i do ?
    My email : [email protected]
    Skype : fanping deric
    hi would love to try the long exposure filters please and do a report also if you liked thanks
    See the 50% code:228G-2RHNXX-7KDW9G
    Send me the review when it update,thanks !
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