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Recent content by Slot Tech

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    New Firmware for DJI Mavic 2 series ( Official M2P Firmware Update Thread )

    I use the crystal sky monitor. Should I still update my mavic 2 to this even tho is not on the newest DJI GO4 app?
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    Latest update

    I use the Crystal Sky monitor to fly my mavic 2 pro. I hooked it all up yesterday and it didnt have an update a available. I then plugged it into my windows 10 assistant 2 for mavic program and nothing showed up. Not even the current firmware. Just says network error. My network seems to be just...
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    No Isotherm Setting on Crystal Sky

    I'm using the Crystal Sky for my Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual and I have noticed the DJI Pilot App has no isotherm setting in it like what I have seen in other videos. Also there is no auto take off option in the app nor does it show the battery voltage on the main screen. Is this the same for others...
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    Has anyone tried to use the mavic enterprise thermal imaging with DJI Goggles. I'm looking for a solution for search and rescue.

    I tested mine up to 175ft up and you can clearly make me out walking through my backyard. Even spotted the neighbors speaking with the FedEx driver. You can definitely tell there's something moving it the video.
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    Dji Dual and Pilot App

    Thanks for the info!
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    Dji Dual and Pilot App

    Anyone know of a video to explain the dji pilot app used with the mavic dual? A bit confused on what fcc calibration is and how air sense works on the app. I'm using the Crystal sky monitor and my app looks a bit different from others i've seen online.
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    Dji Assistant 2 Mavic

    Mine has never had an issue with downloading it. It even updated to the newest version. Just doesn't seem to work anymore
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    Dji Assistant 2 Mavic

    Anyone else having issues with the dji assistant on windows. Won't show current firmware on aircraft or controller. Always says network error. It's the latest version 2.06
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    Filmora9 - cannot export video

    Dont really know... make sure your GPU acceleration is not checked (turned off) in the settings. I have the program(paid version) and it use to crash when I tried to export until I turned that setting off.
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    Why 2.7K is the best. (for me)

    I shoot everything in 2.7 60 fps. I have tried shooting in 4k but dont really see a difference when I downsize it to 1080 for you tube. I even mix some of my phantom 3 pro stuff at 1080 60 fps into my videos. I have the phantom 3 pro, phantom 4 obsidian and the mavic 2 pro. I use all at 60 fps
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    Below freezing Flying

    I think the mavic 2 is rated to fly down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit, my other Phantoms are only rated to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Wonder what gives to mavic 2 the edge?
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    Below freezing Flying

    Has anyone flown there Mavic 2 in cold weather yet? If so, did everything go ok?
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    Mavic 2 and Crystalsky

    Looks good. Nice clean design. Does it hold the Crystal Sky sturdy? How do I get one?
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    Mavic Pro 2 phone compatibility.

    I use the s5 for my drones. It's an ol d cell I use to have that doesn't have service on it any longer. I have it all stripped down so the only thing on it is basically the dji app. It seems to work well with my mavic 2 pro
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    Wifi reconnect??

    Anyone? Anyone know anything about this or what it means?