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Recent content by Tony1957

  1. Tony1957

    DJI Assistant 2

    Hi thanks for replying.. screen on assistant 2 says it can’t calibrate below 12.5 in screen..my old laptop is 11 in.tried all sorts of resolutions hopefully a mate can try on his computer..stupid question really would you attempt to fly like that
  2. Tony1957

    DJI Assistant 2

    Hi ..yes there fine..thanks
  3. Tony1957

    DJI Assistant 2

    Hi guys..I’ve had the Mavic Pro for 2 years with no issues..warning sign come up on app about vision sensors..tried several times on DJI Assistant 2 to rectify but with no luck..would you not recommend flying until sorted out appreciate any comments many thanks....
  4. Tony1957

    where to fly in London? UK

    Richmond park is fine...was there for a few hours yesterday it was fairly busy ...also your allowed to fly on wormwood scrubs behind wormwoods srubbs prison there is a section there for flying can get busy there over the weekends..