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Recent content by TR Ganey

  1. TR Ganey

    ID to Law Enforcement

    Guess the fact that you can legally resist unlawful arrest up to and including lethal force is lost in these discussions most times also. As law abiding citizens we don't want any issues and all too often go along to get along. It would really be good if the academy was as interested in teaching...
  2. TR Ganey

    Davinci Resolve Transition problem - newbie here.

    I’ve also ran into that issue when I didn’t have my view magnified enough. Drag the play head to the center of where you want the transition then magnify you view. It usually helps to move the plau head out of the way once you magnify it.
  3. TR Ganey

    Found drone

    Some owners place a permanent file on yhe SD card with all their information in case the drone is lost or stolen.
  4. TR Ganey

    Front arm LEDs now green?

    Not really dumb to those of us who are pilots and are use to seeing and knowing the direction an aircraft is moving dependent on the color and position of the lights. What's really dumb is that DJI did not follow normal aircraft protocol that has been used world wide forever!
  5. TR Ganey

    Found drone

    Have you looked at the information on the SD card in the drone?
  6. TR Ganey

    Goggles= Need help spending money

  7. TR Ganey

    New Mavic 2 Pro pilot wanting bottom line opinions on goggles

    Glad to see someone shooting straight about the issue.
  8. TR Ganey

    Goggles/M2P case

    It would be nice if someone offered a double stacker where the goggles went in the bottom assembled and had plenty of room for extra batteries, etc. Can't believe there isn't enough demand for one to make it economically feasible for one of the mfg's to market it.
  9. TR Ganey

    Useful Info To Setup your DJI Goggles

    Hahahaha! I wish! If I get 900' out of mine I'm doing good. I guess I just got a Friday or Monday pair but the range SUX for sure. I'm glad yours is working to your satisfaction. Heck If I could get 1.5 miles out of mine I'd be happy but less than 1/4mi don't get it.
  10. TR Ganey

    So in which firmware did DJI fix the crappy range on RE goggles?

    Are you using your goggles with a Mavic 2 or an earlier version? I also bought my Mavic 2 Pro in 2018 and the range absolutely SUXs! I did hear of one person that eventually managed to get 2,700' out of his but that's only a fraction of what they should do!
  11. TR Ganey

    NFZ Limit - just appeared on controller

    I would likely have spent the money to have a custom drone built that is not dependent on the whims of DJI. There are bells and whistles that I could do without in return for not having to deal with someone in another country telling me when and where it is safe to fly.
  12. TR Ganey

    Useful Info To Setup your DJI Goggles

    What distance can you get with the RE goggles connected to your M2?
  13. TR Ganey

    Programs you use in Post Processing?

    I use DaVinci Resolve. Everything I need is included in one package. It is processor heavy but with the right equipment it normally takes about half the video length to render.
  14. TR Ganey


    $250 would be a cheap price for the R.E. goggles. Not sure about the white one's.
  15. TR Ganey

    Flying over crowds?

    Did he actually fly over anyone or just “close” to someone. I recently videoed a small town festival where I showed up early before it got too crowded. I flew as low as 8’ as I videoed the antique and classic cars. I tried to stay either under or right next to the drone making sure no one could...