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Recent content by Van Shteffy

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    Switching from 4k to 1080 how?

    Good advice and information. Thank you.
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    Switching from 4k to 1080 how?

    I have been reading posts and watching youtube and pilots are saying that you get more battery out of 1080. I have a Mavic 2 zoom. How and where and when do I switch the setting.
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    Keeping Eyes on the Drone

    It is very wise to have another person with you to keep an eye on the drone at all times. These drones are expensive. My Amish friends love flying the drone. I keep it set at tripod mode .
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    Keeping Eyes on the Drone

    I have attached three different strobes on my Mavic Zoom. You can clearly see the drone in the daylight. Firehouse Technology ARC Blue. $34-36. Well worth it. Available on ebay. Very bright.
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    How do I get google maps

    Thanks for your help.
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    How do I get google maps

    Howdy, this group is so helpful and reassuring. I have a mavic 2 zoom and can't figure out how some of you get the google map on your Smart Controller. Help. Thanks
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    Going on 3 years without a crash. What's my secret?

    Thanks for taking the time to give us your valuable information about your experiences.
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    Mavic 2 Pro Crashed into the sea without apparent reason

    Which button is the auto land button? Thanks
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    New Product Release : SEA LANDER Jackets / Float your Mavic in the Sea.

    The Poseidon Ideafly looks like their drone is perfect for flying over water. I enjoy watching what creative thinkers come up with.
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    That is a sign of the future. Spectacular
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    DJI Price Increase - Only 5 Days Away!

    Why are the prices going up Sunday?
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    Landing at a non home point and taking off again...

    What are range extenders ?
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    Mavic2 Zoom Arrived Today

    I was also very excited and overly cautious when I bought my Zoom 6 weeks ago. My Amish friends just love it. Seeing their farms from 300 feet. I paid $500 extra for a two year repair plan fro Best Buy. I hope I get to use it. Ebay sell these very bright stobes that you tape on and I just...