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Recent content by Willem Humberto

  1. Willem Humberto

    Mavic Pro .

    My Mavic Pro was lucky . Beautiful nature
  2. Willem Humberto

    Tablette !

    Galaxy Tab s2. Hi again, finely I found . I went into the discussion, and found some one who ad the same problem. I had to install an old version, (4.2.16) and now, everything ok. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help. Hope we'll chat for more in the future. Thanks.
  3. Willem Humberto

    Tablette !

    Yes. sorry . and i fogot to say, i on DJI GO 4
  4. Willem Humberto

    Tablette !

    Hi There. My English verry poor. So, I have a MAVIC pro for one month now and I use my phone Samsung s8 and everything ok with it. Now I'm trying to plug my tablette Samsung 2 mini and no way to be connected with my RC. Is there anything I am missing in the tablette to be connected with my RC...