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  1. chomskyan

    Mavic 2 Pro 4K Dlog-M Grade Test

    I flew in Elysian Park near Downtown LA the other day, shot some 4k footage and graded it last night. Thought some of you would like to see it! 3840x2160 29.97 fps Dlog-M Standard profile Colored in Premiere Pro. Still waitin on those Polarpros :(
  2. E

    10-bit 4K + full FOV not possible?

    Phillip Bloom says in his unboxing video at around 8 minutes that 10-bit DLog-M is only available in the "4K HQ" mode, which is the cropped FOV, and that you cannot shoot 10-bit 4K with the full FOV of the sensor/lens. Can anyone confirm if this is true with the final firmware? I actually...