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1st purchase

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    Purchasing my first drone

    Hello everyone, I am looking to purchase my first drone by purchasing something not expensive and will entertain my needs for a while. Call me cheap but I am trying not to go over $400 but will tolerate $450. As of right now I am looking at the new DJI Mini SE and Mini 2. I am contemplating...
  2. H

    Mavic air vs mavic mini 2

    I want to purchase a drone and both drones in the title are the same price as each other in my country. Which one should I buy and why. Thanks.
  3. A

    Shopping for 1st drone

    Just checking in. I'm shopping for my first drone and thought I'd mine some data from your combined experience rather than making mistakes in my choices. I know that I'll find what I need based on my past experience using similar sites. Thanks in advance!!!
  4. M

    Mavic Pro Photography Accessories Purchase

    For those that have been following, I just ordered another DJI Mavic Pro, hoping that this one is not a lemon. I was going to buy from a local store, but all of them charge a restocking fee if I return it. It looks like Amazon is the best place to buy one in the first place. So, I'm going to...