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2.4ghz repeater

  1. droneuser

    My amp/antenna build and distance test (I will update thread as i go)

    In this thread I will post my amp/antenna build as I go. I will also post screen shots of the flight so people can see for themselves :) of course i will fly the same route for every test. I will be standing or sitting for the tests ( i wont be on a deck, roof, etc) I will also do tests with...
  2. Sparky

    Outdoor Mavic signal repeater for flying long range indoors on your big screen display

    I know there is for sale a repeater for the phantom. The Mavic uses the 2.4Ghz band with OccuSync from what I understand. I have setup my home WiFi on 5.8Ghz so as not to interfere with the 2.4Ghz of the mavic RC control signals and then to display on large screen smart TV I have...