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My amp/antenna build and distance test (I will update thread as i go)


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Mar 19, 2017
In this thread I will post my amp/antenna build as I go. I will also post screen shots of the flight so people can see for themselves :) of course i will fly the same route for every test. I will be standing or sitting for the tests ( i wont be on a deck, roof, etc) I will also do tests with and without amps but using different antennas

NOTE: at this time i am only running a stock battery

I live don't live in the city but i am not totally country either, so that i guess make it

I have some houses some trees and open fields by me

I hope this weekend i will get the MAX STOCK fight that i get in MY AREA. when i do i will post a screen shot and/or a small video. video of course will have the fight data per screen recording.

here are some threads I did on amps, watts, dbi

updated on 3/17/18 DIY controller amp antenna mods only!

converting antenna dbi to watts and amp watts to dbi what are you really getting for output!

The builder Channel - my YouTube channel with flight videos, info,etc
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here is the first batch of parts that came in today

9dbi antennas that came with cables however cable in my opinion are to long for the remote. i have other cables on the way

cost for both antennas with cables was $10.30 (us dollars) free shipping. so if you don't mind the longer cables you can have better antennas for that price :) if you decide to use the longer cable you should "coil" the cables inside the remote by doing this it will help with cancelling "RF noise" that it may pick up thru the cables

9dbi whip.jpg
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So you can get the general idea of the area i live in here is a sat view. The RED arrow is showing the direction i will be flying there are some trees,open fields, houses here and there.

areanew .jpg
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here is another view this view showing the other "side" of the red arrow.

i am picking this flight path for a couple of reason:

1). trying to find a setting most people may have

2). I want to stay away from highways/roads/ etc

3). there are less house this way

4). I know the area so if i loose/crash i hope to find it!...LOL keyword "hopefully"

5). it has more "area" for a emergency landing if I cant RTH

area bigger.jpg
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The mavic pro ( label with my info (FAA number and my cell number if found reward and trackimo 3g tracker) the unit is stock.

I have dji refresh and state farm ins

smaller ac.jpg
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my remote setup

128 gig ipad mini 4 with cellular service and since its in my back yard i will also have access to 5ghz wifi ( i don't want to use 2.4ghz wifi due to interference)

the little black "box" is a 5,000mah battery pack just in case if my remote battery gets to low

i will be using the dji goggles too ( as for spotters i have a plan for that law states must have eyes on AC i will have a few friends along fight path with two-way radios i will be wearing a ear type of "headset" ) we will be using gmrs two-way radios frequencies they use are 462 MHz and 467 MHz so it shouldn't cause saids NO visual aids but it don't say anything about using hearing aids that i could find :)

yup it will cost me some but we will take turns so some of the fights wont be by me just a fyi on that!

of course once my other parts come in the remote wont be stock any more :)

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Have you done a stock test on same path? How far before loss of signal?
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Have you done a stock test on same path? How far before loss of signal?

I haven't on that path yet but I will be hopefully this week yet or weekend depending on weather also my remote is still stock in till I get at least 3 fights down that path and all my parts come in

but it seems on other paths in my area I got to about 3,000 then I start to drop in video feed but at that time I wasn't doing it for a distance test. I was just playing around and i wasn't that high too
ok after looking at the sat view more I am going to change the course a litte bit due to a highway off to the "right" I will go more towards the "left" which is ok but I am not excited about the trees tho! lol that could be a problem for an emergency landing!! but there are some open areas close by to ( you cant see that with the sat view I posted)

kinda a cold out right now maybe later today will have to see

test map.jpg
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Stock distance test 1

I had a chance to get one flight in! this is with a stock controller and stock mavic pro I have to admit I wasn't expecting this 4,373 at a height of 182 I maybe could of went out more by going higher but I chicken I was sitting in a chair the whole time. I was using dji goggles and a ipad mini 4

mavic has no mods at all everything is stock!!

in this screen shot I stop and was starting to turn back

stock distance.jpg
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Three bars take it out there it'll be ok
yes there are hills and no I am not on top of one :( I am going to try to go out even further maybe later today
by looking at that picture more I am going to have to set my RTH height higher!
Before you amp. you should try the FCC boost mode in your distance run. Maybe give some all they want, and pretty easy to do.
Before you amp. you should try the FCC boost mode in your distance run. Maybe give some all they want, and pretty easy to do.

yes I may do a compare with that too BUT I don't like the fact it heats up the controller it may be ok but I hate to ruin it
Stock distance test 2

I have two pictures the first one is my max at a 186 feet. The second one is my max at 244 feet. This is about the furthest I can do before RTH kicks in. NOTE I am going more by the HD signal cause I figure what good is the controller signal if you cant see :)

1 stock 2.jpg

2 stock 2.jpg
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