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  1. Elton Hammonds

    NLD improved signal mod

    Has anyone ordered and used the NLD hardware mod kit that is designed to improve the quality of signal on their M2 yet? I just ordered it tonight and am looking forward to it possibly reducing the chances of a catastrophic incident due to loss of signal, given the cost of my equipment. Long...
  2. Area 8

    Mini Drone on drone landing

    Has anyone done this before? Land a drone on a flying drone??
  3. Hughes820

    10$ Mavic mini anti collision lights tested

    In case you own a mavic mini and haven’t noticed the lack of lights except for the flashing green One on the bottom in the back of drone. I wanted to fly in twilight and found it nearly impossible to navigate without lighting. All a sudden I got this idea while I was looking Online at the...
  4. SpikeSky


    Hello my Fellow pilots from around the world I have recently uploaded my latest video creation “ Flying JOY Ride - Blast off” on my YouTube channel > iSpike < featuring my MP-Ferrari Edition and custom HARLEY Trike.... Please see link below... I would like to invite you the take a look at the...
  5. K

    Rain proofing project on throwaway mavic pro platinum

    So I have for whatever reason acquired a second Mavic pro platinum. I bought this second one used and have flown it for two hours so far. Flys great but there is vibration in the gimble. Replaced ribbon and it helped but still slightly noticeable....enough so you wouldn’t want for video. I...
  6. B

    Nottingham, Maryland checking in!

    I have been flying my Mavic for about a year now and have modded and tested a bunch of different antennas and recently just stepped up to the Command Case from Titan Drones. If anyone has questions about mods on the Mavic (software/hardware) shoot me a PM and I'd be glad to answer any questions...
  7. droneuser

    My amp/antenna build and distance test (I will update thread as i go)

    In this thread I will post my amp/antenna build as I go. I will also post screen shots of the flight so people can see for themselves :) of course i will fly the same route for every test. I will be standing or sitting for the tests ( i wont be on a deck, roof, etc) I will also do tests with...
  8. mikey201

    Titan Cyclone or Atlas

    been wanting to get a boosted antenna what are the differences between the cyclone and whips and $20 price difference of the atlas which one should i get i fly alot in urban areas and do fly at beaches and over water from time to time any help
  9. S

    Suggestions for Moverio engineers? Magnetic port for attaching wire. No hardwired tether, fail point

    Okay so i've been a fan of head mounted displays for about 15 years now. One thing ive noticed with similar goggles is the tethering wire. I've had a few models of Vuzix goggles, Headplay, some brands that dont exist anymore. Their main crutch or fail point was their main tethering wire. I would...
  10. Adamcain112

    Anyone heard of this company Looks interesting
  11. R

    Poor boy mods for a better Mavic

    You wont break the bank with these and the battery case is a wonderful improvement to the wimpy iphone 6S built in battery.