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  1. Simonkan

    Upgrade to the ALIENTECH DUO II: Leave Beginner Mode Behind.

    The ALIENTECH DUO II is a potent and adaptable signal booster that can help your DJI drone's wireless signal have a longer range and be more stable. This dual-band signal booster has a transmission gain of 28-30 dBi and a receiving gain of 23-25 dB, and it is compatible with the 2.4 and 5.8 GHz...
  2. Z

    Help please! Antenna Install

    Hi guys but of help if you wouldn’t mind. I brought a better antenna for my pro V1 and when I installed the new cables it all went fine until I put it back together the 5d button (on the board) had moved down slightly as though the new bolts with the wires going through them had pushed...
  3. S

    Crazy Idea for Remote Antenna

    **I understand this wouldn't be legal if flown outside of VLOS in the U.S. I am just wondering if it is possible, and I am looking for technical ideas on how to make it work. Where I live: The freaking tundra. It's cold, it snows, I'm frozen. What I want to do: Sit my *** inside by a fire...
  4. I

    Covert Drones Installs Amplified 2.5w Antenna Boosters INSIDE your remote.

    This isn't an ad. I just wanted to post this. I find it so cool. Plus, I'm a happy customer. Covert Drones has a new product. They are now able to put a power amplified antenna system inside your remote. No more bulky Antenna. It is a bit expensive, but if you don't want a bulky antenna hanging...
  5. M


    Hello all - I've had my Mavic 2 Pro for about a week, and had my first terrifying moment. While showing off my Mavic, I got a bit too cocky and left it in sport mode, so O.A. was off. I bumped my Mavic into my very solid BBQ grill, causing the right front arm to fold back just enough so that...
  6. M

    75% of antennas ?

    My fun all started with replacing a front right motor. I noticed the motor was hot, burn my finger hot. There was a lot of rotation resistance. Time to watch you tube to see how to replace it! After a 28 minute video I said to myself “I can do that”. It was all going great until it was time to...
  7. P

    Flying with one leg antenna?

    I only realized this now but somehow one of the leg antennas in my Platinum is detached...I know because I remember it slid out easily when I was tightening the screws on the leg to put it back in position after a rough landing. I didn't know what the heck the plastic strip was at the time, so...
  8. F

    Mavic Air: Front leg crash damage

    First time poster. Recently crashed my Mavic Air and have some damage that looks repairable. Problem? Front right leg is intact but the plastic component that holds it to the arm is cracked. The leg no longer snaps into place when extended and wobbles. I am also unsure of the tool to remove...
  9. M

    Mavic controller -> LMR240 cables to amplifiers, thoughts?

    Hi, I am planning on running 15 foot of LMR-240 cables from my Mavic Controller to a pair of Sunhans SH-2500 booster/amplifiers, then off of those, some 8dbi antennas. Is 15 foot to much of a run? Any thoughts on this setup? I'm going to be...
  10. droneuser

    My amp/antenna build and distance test (I will update thread as i go)

    In this thread I will post my amp/antenna build as I go. I will also post screen shots of the flight so people can see for themselves :) of course i will fly the same route for every test. I will be standing or sitting for the tests ( i wont be on a deck, roof, etc) I will also do tests with...
  11. S

    Resolved : Weak Signal (french forum)

    PROBLEME RESOLU! Bonsoir a tous, le probleme du weak signal a enfin été résolu! Par chance, j'ai un ami qui possede le meme drone (mavic pro), nous l'avons teste au meme endroit, effectivement sur le mien apparaissait "weak signal, adjust your antenna and avoid system" (aux alentours des...
  12. mikey201

    Titan Cyclone or Atlas

    been wanting to get a boosted antenna what are the differences between the cyclone and whips and $20 price difference of the atlas which one should i get i fly alot in urban areas and do fly at beaches and over water from time to time any help
  13. C

    Extended antenna

    I am considering following the drone in a car. Has anyone tried to detach the antenna from the RC unit and mount them on the roof of the car?
  14. E


    Hi Guys, I have a Mavic Pro Platinum on the way and want to know what accessories you guys think I should get? Just so you know and to set some parameters I have no interests in landing pads, leg extensions or wraps. I am interested in if I should get the Crystal sky. If so what size? Or...
  15. RawRock

    External permanent antenna?

    Can I possibly run wiring to the roof of my house and run my Mavic controller from inside?
  16. M

    Omni directional antenna recommendations?

    Hi Modified my controller w/ sms connectors, planning on running LMR240 cable (~15-20 foot) to two omni directional antennas on some poles to get them up in the air higher. Looking for recommendations on the following a) Omni directional antennas for this, any recommendations? b) Think I...
  17. R

    Vehicle roof mount antenna?

    Hey guys, first off no intention of flying while in a moving vehicle. What I'm hoping to find is an antenna mount I could put on the roof (magnet or whatever) that I could run a cable from to the mavic controller while I'm in the cab. Any helpful thoughts would be appreciated
  18. J

    Best antenna/range booster

    Hi, I'm new to mavic flying. Is there any consensus on the best antenna/range booster, or so most people just stick with the stock? I've seen some antennas and range booster threads sprinkled here and there, but nothing with hard evidence that it works
  19. JakeMaxxUAV

    DJI Mavic Antenna Upgrades now Available @ Maxx UAV!

    Hey guys, we now have products available for the DJI Mavic Pro at to help increase your range! Attached are some of the products we've added.