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  1. M

    3D Modell of the Mavic 2 Zoom gimbal for printing & ribbon cable

    Finaly have some time to fix up my old mavic 2 zoom. This one will not be used in a production enviroment so I'm fine with using 3D printed parts. The problem: I don't know where to get them and my modeling skills stop at creating primitives. Can someone point me towards a place I might be able...
  2. J

    Racing Drone from broken Mavic Pro.

    Currently I have a Mavic Pro which isn’t operational. The controller still works fine, and I also have the DJI goggles to pair with it. I’m wanting to get into drone racing and build my own drone. Is it possible to make a drone that can communicate with the mavic controller? I have the broken...
  3. Yaros

    Recently switched to mavic - enjoying it after 1 year of struggle!

    Hello, I made some other posts on this forum already, but this one is an interesting one in my opinion, it's how I got here in the first place. In December 2020 I decided I wanted a drone, and made a huge mistake: I bought a cheap DIY F450 kit on AliExpress. Got it, assembled, bought a LiPo and...
  4. G

    Question about buying a Mavic 2 blank for diy drone repair

    Hey all, was hoping to get some insight... I recently catastrophically crashed a Mavic 2 Pro that I bought Second-hand. This was not covered by DJI care refresh, so obviously all repairs will be out of pocket. As I understand, if I were to just send my aircraft in to be repaired, if it has had...
  5. DJayI

    DIY Gear Extenders For The DJI Mini 2.... Good As Bought?

    These easy to make, as well as very inexpensive in both dollars and weight, gear extenders are in fact "better than bought" in a few ways. 1.) Weight. Some gear extenders add 18 grams to your Mini 2, These DIY gear extenders add <4 grams. Even less if some lightening holes were added to the...
  6. N

    Lights for Mavic 2 Pro

    This works pretty well... more for visual than seeing in the dark. Anyone got any other ideas? The lights are Serfas Thunderbolts... Around $25 each... I could see them easily 1km away on strobe. They are around 40grams each. Took a couple of km/h off the top speed. See video link below for...
  7. R

    DIY Repair issue - Mavic 2 Pro

    I had a crash which snapped the right front arm. I've made successful repairs to the drone in the past. So i thought I'd order the part, study some videos and attempt the repair myself. The drone is out of warranty. Everything about the repair went well, I followed what I felt were good...
  8. DDS

    Spuce up Your Mavic Mini Look

    Mavic Mini DIY Creative Kit Now in stock! So for those who want that custom look for the MM now's your chance to stand out from the crowd!
  9. B

    Mavic 2 Pro - broken landing leg, DIY part replacement?

    Hi, guys! I am usually not that impatient but I got my Mavic 2 Pro today. I was sleepy, I was impatient, I was stupid. Bottom line - I crashed it. The result are broken propellers and a broken landing leg on the front right arm. The LED's wires were cut but (I think) the antenna's wire was...
  10. Prospero


  11. Mad Mavic

    High Tech Redneck

    I took the big plunge and bought a new upper power board, a flat ribbon cable, GPS/Compass #1 unit , heat sink fan, right front foot, and upper cover. After a few hours of reconstruction, botta bioom, botta bing, i'm back in the air. Bought a $7 soldering iron at Walmart. Spent some time price...
  12. M

    Anybody do anything interesting with their case's leftover foam?

    Has anyone done anything interesting/useful with the leftover foam from their Mavic cases? It's nice, dense foam that feels like it could be useful. But right now it's just garbage taking up space in my closet. Just looking for ideas. Thanks
  13. droneuser

    My amp/antenna build and distance test (I will update thread as i go)

    In this thread I will post my amp/antenna build as I go. I will also post screen shots of the flight so people can see for themselves :) of course i will fly the same route for every test. I will be standing or sitting for the tests ( i wont be on a deck, roof, etc) I will also do tests with...
  14. A

    Polar Pro Katana - DJI Mavic combination

  15. A

    I DESTROYED my drone!!!!

    Before you watch I just want to reiterate that I knew the possibilities and take full responsibility for what had happened. Nobody was hurt, injured or effected by this except for me. I made this video to remind people of the possible dangers that could come from flying a drone no matter how...
  16. markyodo

    What would you 3D print for your Mavic?

    This isn't really a MOD subject, more about accessories. I purchased myself a 3D printer in Nov. 2017. Since then I have become pretty proficient with 3D design (Fushion 360) and printer operation. I see some cool stuff available for drones on sites like but haven't tried them...
  17. A

    Improve Your Editing Skills!!

    Let me know if this helps anybody or if they would like to see some changes to the layout!
  18. kenzenichi

    My Incredibly Easy and Free Way to Mount the 5.5 Crystalsky to the Mavic Pro Controller

    Given the expensive and / or elaborate solutions to mounting the 5.5 inch Crystalsky to the Mavic Pro controller, I'm a little surprised that no one has tried this: Simply removed the three screws from the bottom of each Mavic controller arm and slide the rubber feet out. The added width is...
  19. Haloweenhamster

    Mavic repair

    Finally got around to working on my mavic Replaced: Middle frame Fan Gimbal Left arm Borrowed a core board from wife's mavic for testing Not surprised but had to calibrate gimbal and compass Test flight all good Did find out that if the mavic over heats then battery shuts off with no...
  20. Mavicao

    DJI Care Refresh vS DIY Repair

    I just received my Mavic Pro, coming from a salvaged Parrot Bebop that had suffered water damage and I had to replace the motherboard. It served me well but I'm glad I get to retire it. I have 24 hours left to aquire the DJI Care Refresh and I've been going through Mavic Pros' crash videos...