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2.7k at 30 fps

  1. Z

    Mavic Pro Aerial Footage From Switzerland Trip

    Hi, all! This is my first video clip from Mavic footage. Tech stuff: Mavic Pro, ND 16, FCPX, D-Log + Color Grading, 2.7K downscaled to 1080P, 24fps. Thoughts? Advices?
  2. ed1nh0

    First attempt in color grading

    This is the first time I shooted in D-Log. I didn't know what this and others modes looks like and what for. Still don't know. Just followed some tutorials and try make some footage. It was shooted in 2.7k @ 30fps. Cam in manual, settings were +1,-2,-2 and did not use ND filter. I did use a LUT...
  3. G

    Mavic Roof Inspection

    I did this yesterday while we had a little sunshine. This is a church roof that may need some maintenance. I recorded at 2.7K @ 30 fps / ND8 Filter /Manual / AFC. I couldn't remember if I checked to see if the Obstacle Avoidance was on (the Mavic just did a firmware update and lost most of my...