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2nd hand parts

  1. T

    Mavic air 2 and 2s compatibility?

    So I purchased an air 2 for parts and it turns out I only needed one of the parts so I’m thinking of repairing it, the gimbal mount and the arms are smashed (and the imu/gps board has been used) and it seems the air 2s parts are more readily available second hand, would there be any...
  2. Angry.Chimp

    Is there value in a broken Mini 1?

    So while testing my faithful mini 1 in preparation for holiday we had an "incident". Alas my little SkyMonkey is now sitting on the healing bench looking very unhappy. Camera gimble mount shattered, ribbon cable torn and topshell cracked. It may be time to send him off into the final sunset...
  3. R

    Drone destroyed. Options?

    I lost connection with my Mavic air and it actually RTH and as I was headed to the drone there were lawn mowers at the park and you can figure out the rest... it’s in pretty good shape in terms of parts (camera gimbal is perfect) but there is a huge hole in the middle of the drone. What can I...
  4. S

    Drone flew into hill! Can I sell "broken" gimbal/camera unit.

    Hi Everyone, I just returned from a trip to Central Asia and managed to crash my Mavic Pro on the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan. The crash was a bit of a mystery which probably deserves it's own thread but I was following a gradual uphill incline (of around 25 degree) and the drone just flew...