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360 video

  1. acurth

    A simple Point of Interest 360 video.

    I shot this one 2 days ago in Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina. Hicked up to one of the tallest peaks in mount Catedral, and was able to get the 360 footage only a few meters higher than I was (no obstacles from other peaks for example) - that gave the video a nice angle to see the surroundings...
  2. jontracey

    Watching a massive construction project from the air in 360 Degree video

    For the best part of six months now I have been flying a Mavic over a massive construction site here in the east of the UK where they are building a new dual carriageway (A14). I do this because a) is fun and b) so that local people and users of the current A14 can see the progress and hopefully...