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4k video editing

  1. J

    iphone 8 video editing

    Hi, just got an iphone8+ and want to use it to fly my Mavic with (connected to controller of course) and then edit video's on the phone itself, then publish. anybody else doing the same on iphone? if so, how's the results? am i stuck with imovie here? sorry if there is another forum for...
  2. D

    A little video I did in Lake Powell, near the Bullfrog Marina.

    I must say, it was more difficult landing on the boat than I initially thought with obstacle avoidance turned on. It was a bit unnerving at first, but I got used to taking off and manually landing on a platform 2' by 2'. And obviously, return to home doesn't work when the boat is constantly...
  3. Robbyg

    Can you edit [email protected] smoothly?

    I have been working with [email protected] in Adobe Premiere for the last three videos I have produced and even though my PC is fairly fast and has a good GPU and SSD drives it is a bear to work with 4K. Now I know somebody is going to jump in and say oh I have a lowly XYZ computer and it works fine...