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  1. Korrd

    Air 2 This is Flight | Exploring Montevideo

  2. Joe Foreman

    Shipping Docks of Melbourne Aus in 4k60p

    Hey fellow Mavic Pilots! I'd like to share my latest video of a compilation of shots of a few different days filming over Melbourne's shipping docks and yards. All footage was captured in 4k60p on the mighty little Mavic Air, 2 apart from the Hyperlapses. Hope you enjoy this unique perspective...
  3. S

    4k 60fps at H.265 not playing back on MacBook Pro 2015

    MA2 - My first drone. Test flight went smooth, came back to play the footage but it stuttered on my MacBook Pro. After testing various video settings I've realised that the codec h.265 won't play back on my Macbook. I really want to be able to record in 4k 60fps and to be able to view/edit...