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5d button

  1. ScubaBob

    Camera Forward / Down selector

    I thought that Camera Forward / Down was an option one could set for the C1 and C2 buttons but it seems to me that this has now been assigned to the 5D button. Am I crazy or did DJI change the Camera Forward / Down from the C1 and C2 or 5D? Thanks.
  2. 787steve

    How do you set C1, C2, and 5D?

    New to drone flying. So far so good, but I would like to know how more experienced users have their programable buttons set, and why they chose those options. Thanks in advance.
  3. ScubaBob

    User programmable buttons

    I wish DJI would allow us, the user, to modify the functionality of the buttons on my RC when I use my Goggles. I liked very much having my C1 button programmed to instantly flip the camera to forward or down and this is especially useful when using the Goggles. But now that functionality has...