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User programmable buttons


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Nov 11, 2017
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Cancun, MX
I wish DJI would allow us, the user, to modify the functionality of the buttons on my RC when I use my Goggles. I liked very much having my C1 button programmed to instantly flip the camera to forward or down and this is especially useful when using the Goggles. But now that functionality has been replaced by a center focussing "feature" that I don't need (or want) as much. Since we are essentially required to keep our phone connected to the RC we now have two buttons for RTH. Why can't we reprogram the RTH on the RC to be used for something we want rather than being useless and duplicative. In addition, I really liked being able to zoom by using the 5D button but with the Goggles that button is overtaken for other purposes and we lose our ability to easily zoom (or zoom at all.) Finally, we already have a Function button on the Goggles but now the C2 button is assigned as a Function Button so like RTH, we have two buttons (two pieces of valuable controller real estate) that are being used for the same functionality. It is as if this were designed in the Department of Redundancy Department. I am a photographer who uses Canon cameras and they have user programmable buttons that can be changed on the fly so I can set my Function button to be ISO or Shutter Speed or Aperture as I want. If I elect, I can leave it as set by the default features. I hope DJI will consider this in updates--especially the confiscation of the C1, C2 and 5D buttons.


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Jan 29, 2018
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Yes! Hope DJI includes this as I fly the Mavic with my gf, who wears the goggles. She gets a fair piece of the view and I control the aircraft. But this renders the buttons completely useless for me as I dont see the goggles screen. Thumbs up!


Jan 3, 2018
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I totally agree, It's crazy frustrating! I can't even program a waypoint mission with the goggles turned on because the C1 & C2 buttons for setting or removing waypoints is not accessible. We need control back over the programmable buttons on the controller. Please DJI fix the software so we have button control again.