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  1. Yaros

    My Feature Request on DJI Fly - link to DJI Forum

    Hello, I made a feature request on DJI Official Forum, I'm posting the link here because I want to know what people think about the idea.
  2. T

    What happened to the zoom feature on the Mavic Air 2?

    Hi, Why don't I have the zoom feature for videos on the DJI Fly app with my Mavic Air 2??? Did they discontinue this feature, because I can't find it anywhere? Please help, Thanks.
  3. Cheech Wizard

    Mavic 2 Pro review

    These 2 new drones have great new features.
  4. On The Mark Aerial

    Platinum for Real Estate

    I use my Mavic Platinum for Real Estate still photos, and the realtors love the end product. They prefer still photos taken from above and from all angles. I ask them what main features to capture, such as certain selling points. I take several photos from all four corners of the properties...
  5. ScubaBob

    User programmable buttons

    I wish DJI would allow us, the user, to modify the functionality of the buttons on my RC when I use my Goggles. I liked very much having my C1 button programmed to instantly flip the camera to forward or down and this is especially useful when using the Goggles. But now that functionality has...