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  1. B

    DJI Mini 3 Pro tumbles into the ocean

    @sar104 Hi guys, I need some help. I really love the new DJI mini 3 pro but I have been pretty unlucky with it. On a recent trip to Iceland it developed a gimbal problem and they were terrible vibrations while shooting videos. It showed “gimbal overload message” all the time. The DJI replaced...
  2. A

    Mavic Air 2 - Sudden Power Loss & Fall

    Hello drone mates, I've read a lot in this forum and now I guess it's my turn to write about my experience. I've recently bought the Mavic Air 2 and did fly it many times. The last time, the drone suddenly lost power and fell off. It was a mountain area, but I could find it. If I remember...
  3. F

    Bought my first DJI drone (MPP 1), came a bit cracked

    I've wanted to step up my game buying my first real drone (Started with JJRC X11, very good for learning, image quality sucks and no gimbal) I've bought an used - acceptable MPP 1 (with fly more) from Amazon, it came in a very good shape, like new, only one battery had 2 cycle, I guess it flew...
  4. O

    Mavic Air rescue mission after water flood

    Hello, My Wife Father give me a Mavic Air Which accidently landed one leg in salty water. I recognise on core board, flat ribbon connector is burned. Problem is, anybody know where I can order 2 of them? They are 30 pin (two sides 15 pins each). Kind Regards, Lukasz. I check and I found another...
  5. Cutaway

    Almost lost my Mavic while ocean fishing

    Can some one help me "guess" what could've caused this near-miss incident (see attached KLM file). In a nutshell, I launched my Mavic Pro from the hand while ocean fishing on a boat. It flew great for about ~5 minutes...then it freaked out saying it lost connection and began to returned home...
  6. R

    MA flew itself into Active Track subject

    Has anyone else had an MA fly itself into something while in one of it's Intelligent Flight Modes? We were testing out the Active Track functionality today by have it lock on to the Inspire and follow it around. The first try it worked pretty well for a minute but then lost the track, as it...
  7. G

    Mavic Air Crash - never forget to unfold the antennas...

  8. gadominas

    Most irresponsible drone pilot of 2017!

    Mr. "NS films&editing" flew very close to NFZ airport and basically was touching planes while they’re landing. I hope this guy will be punished somehow and serve as an educational example for others. Here’s an original footage of this incident:
  9. TheSaffer

    Rogue Drone trips cyclist