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  1. Cutaway

    Almost lost my Mavic while ocean fishing

    Can some one help me "guess" what could've caused this near-miss incident (see attached KLM file). In a nutshell, I launched my Mavic Pro from the hand while ocean fishing on a boat. It flew great for about ~5 minutes...then it freaked out saying it lost connection and began to returned home...
  2. R

    MA flew itself into Active Track subject

    Has anyone else had an MA fly itself into something while in one of it's Intelligent Flight Modes? We were testing out the Active Track functionality today by have it lock on to the Inspire and follow it around. The first try it worked pretty well for a minute but then lost the track, as it...
  3. gadominas

    Most irresponsible drone pilot of 2017!

    Mr. "NS films&editing" flew very close to NFZ airport and basically was touching planes while they’re landing. I hope this guy will be punished somehow and serve as an educational example for others. Here’s an original footage of this incident:
  4. TheSaffer

    Rogue Drone trips cyclist